Our Puppies


Somewhat infrequently we may have Scottish terrier pups available for adoption. We maintain a standing “wait list” which we try and keep current but mostly relay on requestors to keep in contact with us. The best way to do this is via email, ayrshire@comcast.net . We may only have pups available on average every 18 to 20 months, we don’t breed that often. Normally the number of people on our “waiting list” exceeds the number of pups we have available, however we are usually able satisfy most of folks who remain on our list over time.  We do strongly encourage prospective parents to be flexible about sex and color. A high percentage of our inquiries are for black female pups, these usually represent 1 out of a normal size litter of 3-4 pups, we have placed very few of these in pet homes.

We place all of pups under a written contract which includes a limited health guarantee and condition and terms of placement. We spend a lot time and effort in placing our Scotties,  to date most of our pups have gone to previous owners of our pups or their referrals. The vast majority of placements are to pet homes as opposed to show ones. Only perhaps maybe one pup out of litter is show potential, if that. All of our pet placements go with an AKC limited registrations and a spay/neuter agreement. We don’t support backyard or causal breeding and don’t grant breeding rights.

Scotties require regular grooming and routine veterinary care, we usually ask for references for both especially the veterinary care.

Without exception, to date, we will conduct at least one interview with prospective parents of our pups, and occasionally do home visits, these are done to protect the pups and assure a happy placement. To date, we have never had to take a pup back, but would gladly do so.

A quality healthy Scottish Terrier is a major investment and so is the process of breeding and raising a litter. You should expect to pay at aof minimum $1500 for a pup, but more than likely more. Shipping, under no exceptions will we ship a pup.

All of our pups receive three rounds of vaccinations prior to placements; additionally they all will be examined by a Veterinarian and new owners will be supplied with a health certificate. We normally don’t release our pups until they are at least 12 weeks old and sometimes as old as 4 to 5 months.  Lately we have been placing ID chips in our pups and may continue to do so. We do AKC register all of pups and they we come with the registration paperwork and we strictly follow all the AKC rules involving registration and record keeping.

Additional Considerations

Fencing, Scotties were bred to hunt, squirrels, birds and other varmints represent potential game. Without a confined area almost any Scottie will abandon an ill defined area and take off after prey, regardless of roads, water hazards and other dangers when presented with game to pursue. Therefore, we won’t place our pups into homes without a fenced area.

Pools, hot tubs and other water bodies; Scotties can’t swim and any access to water must be very restricted. Separate fenced areas are best for your Scottie.
Children, Scotties don’t well with small children under five years old, we tend avoid any placements in these situations.

Other dogs and pets, Scotties are very special; independent, smart and can be somewhat stubborn. Spayed and neutered Scotties can get along with members of the same sex, but do expect there to be a pecking order. Pups need to be introduced slowly into homes with other dogs. Best match ups are with other short legged terriers like Westies and Carins, we have done a few placements with larger breeds. Cats, sometimes this works, we had a couple of rather interesting placements in these situations.

Pet Doors, we have found that unlimited access to pets doesn’t work well for Scotties especially young pups.

In Conclusion

Over the years we have formed many friendships with the owners of pups and strongly encourage and accept regular ongoing contact with new and old owners of our pups. We really appreciate pictures.

Kellie - 4 months of age
Ayrshire’s Autumn Treasure – Kellie @ 4 months old –whelped 3/17/10

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