Our small Scottish Terrier kennel is located on Olympic Peninsula, in Washington State. We are surrounded by National park and forest lands and enjoy the beauty of living in a rain forest with a host of wildlife. Since 1991 we have been home raising Scotties and during that period we've been rewarded with the joy of experiencing life with these remarkable dogs. With their history steeped in the Celtic traditions of old Scotland, these sturdy, independent, smart and intensely loyal terriers and extremely special canines.

Zoe and Mollie on guard

AKC Champions Ayrshire's Twist of Fate and Midnight Rambler

During our almost twenty years with these awesome dogs we’ve learned a wealth of knowledge about Scotties. They are truly unique in their temperament and looks, extremely loyal and affectionate but they can be very stubborn, assertive and otherwise full of attitude. Raised with care and understanding they can provide excellent companionship and a life time warmth and friendship.
We are members of the National (STCA) and local (WSSTC)Scottish Terriers Clubs and are also active in the local area all bred club; Hurricane Ridge Kennel Club as well as the Washington state terrier club (ATCWW). We bred and show our Scotties as well as having companion dogs in our home.

Chloe and pups
Ayrshire’s Midnight Secret with new born pups 3/17/10

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